Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 2 Coming to an end

I was presented with an awesome idea today. One of our participants is a gluten/dairy free cook. She has a website with some pretty great recipes, ideas and articles on it. We are thinking about holding a "group cooking class".

The biggest issue people seem to be having is knowing what to eat/how to cook things. We are thinking about meeting together one evening or weekend day to go over some easy prep, recipes and other things you might want to know about.

If you are interested let me know (stephanie.winters@osrpt.com), we would meet somewhere in the west/southwest metro TBD once we know date/time and how many are interested.

Here is her info

Now about my day :)
What a great day. SO happy to see many of you today and hear about your success thus far.  I did great today and have prepped my day tomorrow for success as well!

Day 3 Food Plan:
Breakfast - 2 eggs, turkey
Snack - protein smoothie at LTF post workout (build your own with protein powder, raspberries/blueberries, water and ice)
Lunch - brown rice, ground turkey, hot sauce, small salad of spring mix, tomatoes, carrots and celery
Snack - Peanut Butter and strawberries
Dinner 1 - rice cake with turkey before softball
Dinner 2 - grilled salmon and asparagus after softball

The little effort of cooking a bunch of things on Saturday really paid off and has made this week a breeze!

Feel free to comment on these posts and share your positives and negatives for the group! We will all benefit from hearing it!

I am still in the process of working on all the body compositions and will continue to send them out to you as I get them done.

Lastly, we were out tonight and on our way we saw this guy, yes we was advertising for Little Caesars which made me a little jealous but he sure looks like he is enjoying his job.  I hope you can all be this happy every day!

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